Every year the promise of thousands of young children in Pennsylvania is diminished due to lead paint poisoning. PA children are poisoned at a rate 2.3 times higher than children poisoned in Flint, Michigan at the peak of the city’s crisis. Approximately 8,000 PA children are poisoned every year, yet these are only the children we know about as only 20% of children are tested.

What’s worse is this is an entirely preventable fate. The time is now to fulfill countless political promises to finally end lead paint poisoning in PA.

The federal government banned lead in paint for use in our homes 40+ years ago, so we think the problem is solved, but tragically it is not.

PA is an old state with 70% of houses built more than 40 years ago, so our windows and walls and railings and baseboards were coated with lead-based paint, and when it chips and flakes and dusts, it can irreversibly injure our children.

Lead poisoning can rob children of their intellect causing brain damage and behavioral and learning problems – problems that follow babies into school and through young adulthood - that can lead to doing poorly in school and increased risk for dropping out of school and involvement in criminal activity.

The majority of the children who are harmed in PA are White. Children of color are disproportionately impacted, however, because they are more likely to live in older properties with deteriorated lead-based paint. Black children are harmed 4 times more and Hispanic children 2 times more than White children.

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We invite Pennsylvania's health care, health insurance, housing, social service, education, business, civic and community organizations to publicly endorse the Lead-Free Promise Project.  

Your organization’s unique voice adds momentum to this movement. As a supportive member, you will be encouraged to participate in project meetings, to support the project’s outreach efforts and you will be invited to special forums. You will also receive updates on progress and opportunities to stay involved. By joining, your organization agrees to be listed as an endorser of the project’s goals, to mention the project in your appropriate communications and provide feedback to the project as needed. To participate or learn more, contact Colleen McCauley, Co-Chair, Lead-Free Promise Project, or 215-298-2027.


Childhood lead poisoning is 100% preventable - primarily by removing lead paint-based hazards in older homes. Our two main goals are:

Get lead out of homes.

Guarantee all children get tested twice for lead at ages one and two.

Ensure all poisoned children are referred to Early Intervention services.




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The Lead Free Promise Project (LFPP) launched a nonpartisan coalition advocacy campaign to end lead paint poisoning across Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of the Department of Humans Services Meg Snead and State Representative Jim Struzzi joined the 38 organizations leading the effort to combat lead paint poisoning to announce its goals to create a state fund for low-income homeowners and landlords to remove lead paint-based hazards in properties, and by the passage of legislation requiring all children under two-years-old to be screened for lead poisoning.


A huge congratulations to Lead Safe Allegheny for your efforts to get the law created and passed!! What a fantastic win for children and families and the city. Read the TribLive story and see the CBS Pittsburgh story too. Below is an excerpt from their coalition - 
Pittsburgh made history and joined the dozens of cities across the nation with lead prevention ordinances!

The Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law was passed unanimously by City Council. This huge first step to prevent childhood lead poisoning in Pittsburgh is a win for families across the County. We hope this ordinance will set a precedent for leaders in our region to consider policies that will similarly create lead-safe homes, lead-safe demolitions, lead-safe renovations, and lead-safe drinking water.

Here is a summary sheet of what the law will require. You can read the full ordinance here and the companion Will of Council here. 

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